Pomeranets Computer GmbH

Solutions for your office and home with Apple products



The much used term “smart house” can get confusing. Our idea, our vision of a true smart house:

  1. Smart Light

  2. Climate Control

  3. Window Control

  4. Home Cinema

  5. A/V and Internet

  6. Surveillance System - Smart Garden

  7. Remote Control

To realize this idea we use Apple products, which offer not only stability and ease of use, but also beauty and gorgeous design which benefit the use of modern technology at home.

Starting with a Mac Server, which executes his job discreet and reliable, all the way to iPhones and iPads, which you can use to control and monitor your home.

All this happens convenient over the wireless network, so your device is never bound to one room.

Imagine the following: You are sitting at home, and somebody rings the doorbell. You have your iPad with you, and can easily video-talk to your guest via the intercom system with the camera, and open him the door using the installed system.

We help you to put this and many other “dreams” to reality.