Pomeranets Computer GmbH

Solutions for your office and home with Apple products



You already see the future of the computer infrastructure of your office in Apple products, but you still hesitate to migrate, because..

  1. you work with software that runs only on other operation systems

  2. you have questions about the usability of Mac systems in your existing network

  3. you want to avoid a big investment in retraining of staff

We would gladly take on all the necessary tasks of migration and show you, step-by-step, how it is possible with minimal effort and costs. We...

  1. Create a backup of all you software and data, before even beginning of the migration.

  2. Migrate your programs to either a correspondent program on Mac, or we make it possible to work with the exact same program using virtualization.

  3. Integrate of the new components in your existing network, with all the benefits your old and new systems.

  4. We train you personnel on the new systems to be able to work as efficient as possible. Thereby you learn goal- oriented, hands-on, and effective. We adjust the learning schedule to your needs, possibilities and working hours.